SANS 10400 XA calculator
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The implementation of SANS 10400 XA as part of South Africa's  National Building Regulations now requires that new buildings  conform to the building energy efficiency requirements as set out in  the SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204 specification.  While not overly complex in nature, these calculations are often  tedious and time consuming. To aid designers and building  technologists to better perform the calculations, we have created  SANSCalc Desktop to perform the fenestration and other building  energy efficiency calculations outlined in the SANS 10400-XA and  SANS 204 documents. This easy to use program is designed to help professionals not only  perform the calculations, but report on those for building plan  submission, construction and management purposes.  SANSCalc Desktop is based on a database architecture which  contains all the tables and information as per the SANS 204 and  SANS 10400-XA specification. It allows you open and save your  projects as you need them in the form of a standalone Windows  application. You work as you design a building, store the information  and then add to it or change as the design develops, all the time  keeping track of your values such as aggregate conductance and  heat gain values. Existing projects can be reviewed for as built  documentation and certification as well as for any future work on  previous projects.  Autodesk Revit integration allows the user to pull fenestration details  from their Revit drawings and models, perform calculations and  experiment with alternative material choices before finalising their  design. While building from existing data will help speed the  calculation process, the calculator will also allow users to enter all  information manually, in the event of projects which are already on  printed media.  All the modules from the SANS 204 and SANS 10400-XA Energy  Efficiency documents are included in the SANSCalc  Desktop  program and reporting system. Including the deemed to satisfy  fenestration calculations, roof and wall insulation calculations as well  as peak energy demand and annual energy usage of lighting as set  out in SANS 204 ans SANS 10400-XA. 
ANNOUNCEMENTS 06-06-2014 SANSCalcExport v1.1 Release Notes: Revit 2015 Compatible. Fixed support for special characters in Revit file names.  Added support for exporting Lighting Fixtures and Wattages from Revit 04-03-2014 SANSCalc Desktop v2.0.6 Release Notes: Fixed renaming of building. 25-02-2014 SANSCalc Desktop v2.0.5 release Notes: Fixed Wall Module saving issue. Fixed Roof light Area calculation. Lifted Floor Area warning messages. 21-11-2013 V2.0.4 Release Notes: We have fixed some issues when creating multiple buildings and also reporting issues. 19-11-2013 V2.0.3 Release notes: Added reporting update fix 14-11-2013 V2.0.2 Release notes: Fixed Reporting issue with Lighting and Power module. 01-11-2013 V2.0.1 Release Notes Total Area (Gross) added to differentiate between areas used for Max Energy demand and consumption and Services Lighting and Power. Fixed Roof Light Area calculation results when using a Diameter. Roof Light Area percentage fixed when linking to Fenestration Room Area elements. Mechanical Fenestration reporting fixed. SimilarFenestration Element Marks now being picked up as separate items.  09-09-2013 SANSCalc Desktop v2 has been released! This new major  release now includes all the modules required to  comply with Energy Efficiency in buildings and  many more features. Please see the Release Notes   page for a more detailed overview of the new  features. This version is a free of charge download  for for all current SANSCalc users. Please read to the  Installation Instructions to download your copy today!  SANCalcExport v1.0.5 has also been release which  caters for compatibility with SANSCalc Desktop v2. The  SANSCalcExport tool is used to export data from  Revit into a database file which can be opened with  SANSCalc.